Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Butler County Area Courts, as part of the Ohio Judicial System,
strive to provide the highest level of professional services through accuracy, integrity, respect and equality in all areas.
We will uphold and maintain the laws and principles of the Court, without providing legal advice, in an efficient, fair and impartial manner.

~May 2018~


Vision Statement:

We will be a court system, characterized by excellence, that strives to attain justice for the individual and society through the rule of law. We will:

·     Provide equal access to a fair and effective system of justice for all without excess cost, inconvenience, or delay, with sensitivity to an increasingly diverse society.

·     Preserve the constitutional right to trial by an impartial judge or jury and ensure compliance with the results achieved through effective enforcement of court orders.

·     Provide quality service that continuously improves, that meets or exceeds public expectations, and that ensures that all are treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

·     Maintain the independence of the Judiciary while strengthening relations with the public, the bar, and the other branches of government.

·     Acknowledge and enhance the potential of every person in our organization to contribute to the administration of justice through participation, training, and technology.

·     Earn the respect and confidence of an informed public.

~May 2018 ~

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