Below you will find a list of universal forms that can be used in all three of the Area Courts. You will also find a few forms that are unique to a particular court. You can click on a form and print it.
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Universal Forms for Area I, II, & III Courts11 documents

  • Subpoena
  • Praecipe
  • FED Complaint
    Eviction Filing
  • Notice to Leave Premises
  • Fifteen Day Notice of Action to Collect Debt
  • Small Claims Information Sheet
  • Application for Criminal Sealing/Expungement
  • Sealing/Expungement Information Sheet

Area I Court2 documents

  • Motion
  • Area I Transcript Request

Area II Court2 documents

  • Motion
  • Area II Transcript Request

Area III Court3 documents

  • Motion
  • Complaint Processing Information Sheet
  • Area III Transcript Request
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