Specialty Courts

Treatment Alternative Court (TAC)

TAC Judge: Honorable Courtney Caparella-Kraemer

The TAC Program focuses on the appropriate and necessary treatment of seriously mentally ill, non-violent misdemeanor offenders charged with offenses in the Butler County Area Courts.  In lieu of traditional punishment such as jail, the TAC Program provides an opportunity for Participants diagnosed with a serious mental illness to receive effective evidence based intervention,  court monitored treatment and supervision to avoid the criminalization of mental illness, reduce recidivism and empower the Participant to live a clinically stable and law-abiding life. The approximate length of the program can be from 12 to 24+ months. Click here for Participant Handbook

 Participation Agreement


Area Courts Addiction Treatment (ACAT)

ACAT Judge: Honorable Courtney Caparella- Kraemer

This Program, also known as "Drug Court",  is designed to provide support by linking you with services you will need to not only complete this Program, but that will also help you to establish a solid foundation in recovery.  You will be linked to the appropriate services in a much shorter time frame than you would if you attempted to do this on your own. You can expect to be in ACAT for minimum of fifty-two(52) weeks. Click here for Participant Handbook    
Program Description

 Participation Agreement

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